Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Boys got new do's so they can see again!

Robbie and David both were in DYER NEED of hair cuts so I took them this morning to get a hair cut. They cried(Robbie more than David shockeningly enough) but I think they look SO HANDSOME and like such big kids. They've had cuts before so it wasn't their first or anything it had just been a LONG TIME. Finally I've gotten it cut and I think we're going to keep it cut short this time. Leah's doing fine with her lip busted. The doctor just said keep an eye on it to make sure it doesn't get infected but they wouldn't have stitched it anyway cause it was inside her mouth. We're getting ready for W.V. and things are crazy right now. We're excited and can't wait...So here is an after of the boys new hair-do.(See an earlier post from two days ago for the before's).

Monday, June 23, 2008

New Pool, Upcoming vacation and Leah's busted lip

We decided that we'd buy the babies a swimming pool with their part of the stimulus money so we bought them a 13ftx3.5ft deep pool and we've been swimming everyday. They are having a blast in the pool..it's been SO MUCH FUN! Hot days are so much more fun. Right now we're getting ready to leave out Friday night. Tomorrow we've gotta get haircuts, drivers license renewed, oil changed and tires checked so we've got alot of running around to do which means I'm gonna have some tired kids come tomorrow night. We'll be running most of the day. Tonight when they were getting ready for bed Leah was jumping up to lay down and went up to far when she came down she hit her mouth on the bed and split her lip open. I'll take some pic's to post...my poor sweet girl she just cried. I cried I felt so bad. There was nothing I could do but I still felt like crap. She's sleeping with mommy tonight and I hope she does ok tomorrow it'll only be stuff that doesn't burn for a day or two for her. I H A T E it when they get hurt...it makes me want to throw up(SORRY TMI). It's just so upsetting and I knew what it did as soon as she hit cause of the thud. I'm worried cause I wonder if it doesn't need stitches but John doesn't think it does because it didn't bleed long. I'm still not convinced.

Friday, June 20, 2008

What we've been up to.....

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Hello once again...to anyone out there. We've been pretty busy the past couple of months. Robbie was sick at the end of April and my mom had knee surgery. Then DH's bday and mothers day and my dad's bday in May plus my inlaws were here in the beginning of April(which we were so happy and thankful and sad when they left us) they were SO MUCH HELP! The kids really miss them and keep talking and asking if it's time to go visit Mamaw Betty and Poppaw Ike yet. We're leaving June 27th and will be back July 5th and we can't wait! I'm also EXCITED to mention that New Kids are back!! YAY! I've been staying on their website and chatting with actually people I haven't spoken to in years about the New Kids. It's kinda strange how Jon Knight can still make me giggly at 32 like he did when I was 14..lol. As for the kids my sister, mom and Dad and me took them to Aldridge Gardens last weekend and took a bunch of pic's that turned out AWESOME so I thought I'd post those. We got a new swimming pool for them that they've REALLY ENJOYED and we swim pretty much everyday. They are talking pretty much in full sentences and having conversations with us. It's pretty weird and sometimes makes me want to cry that my babies are going to be 3yrs old in a couple of months! I can't believe it! Here I was worried about their speech and Robbie and David have just EXPLODED with their speech. During the evaluation for the Eclipse Program(through Early Intervention) they talked constantly and were saying TONS OF things. Lynn was SHOCKED at Robbie and how much he was talking. There is a good chance they just might not make it into this program but I'm hoping they do because I think preschool would be good for them. I think they are getting bored with me here at home because I can't do enough to keep them entertained and still keep my house in some kind of running order so they are left to "free play" I think a little to much. Anyway, I'll post the pics I guess it's been a pretty hard and long day I am ready to pass out. The older they get the more that they kick my butt DAILY!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Friday, March 14, 2008

Hmm...just stuff

Man I really suck at this blogging thing...lol. I get so caught up in other stuff that by the time I get on here to write somebody is waking up or I'm falling asleep and I never make it back. From the last time I posted we have had a couple rounds of sickie's I've had an emergency room visit for a K I L L E R headache(for which I'll see a neurologist for next week) the kids FINALLY got their two year shots(they were sick around their bday and from Sept-Nov I just couldn't take them when they were sick already. By the time the New Year rolled around their doctor only sees patients in the well clinic on certain days and so it was a month before they could be seen. They are all healthy and looking great. If anyone's reading or checking anymore please say a prayer for me because it's SOOO HARD waking up at 4am with a headache so bad I wanna throw up and getting up with three 2 1/2 yrs olds who get up running at 7am..it could be a couple of different things. I'm just hoping it gets worked out sooner rather than later.
My dad was released from his hip doctor for LIMITED work sitting at a desk which he still hasn't been released from his hand doctor yet so computer work is out so we think he may have to go back parttime at the end of the month but we're not sure. To tell you the truth and this is gonna sound bad but I was hoping this time wouldnt' come for awhile. I'm so scared for him going back to work. I really didn't get how much so until a month or so ago when I was sitting with my dad and it hit me that he could've not been here with my kids right now. He was very blessed and someone was watching out for him that day and I thank GOD for us still having him here. This has all been quite scary and unsettling. I love it when my kids wanna "call pappaw" just to say hi. They love my dad SO MUCH and he loves them just as much or more and it's so neat to watch them together. We've got alot coming up in the next couple of weeks.
John's parents have gotten back together and they will be down the first of April for a couple of weeks and we're excited about that..we've joked that we may not let them leave! LOL

Here are some recent pic's of our BABIES....

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

My new hair...

Here is a before and after pic of my haircut..I LOVE my new hair and will probably never let it get that long ever again...It's so much easier like this!! I think it looks better on me too(so does John)...Here ya go this pic was in Dec05 when my hair was long(it was actually longer than this when it was cut day before yesterday it rested on my butt!)

Playtime fun at Jump Zone!

We went last week and met up with our meetup.com group and had a ball! The kids just had so much fun playing on all the stuff we're thinking of having their bday party there this year. I think all the kids would have a blast and it's not to terribly expensive either. The best part is the only thing I'd have to bring is presents and cake with something to cut the cake with everything else they would take care of! How awesome is that?! We're counting down the days until the Day Out with Thomas at the end of March. I think they'll have so much fun they are train crazy. I got my hair cut yesterday it was down to my butt but is now above or sitting on my shoulders...it's a big change but one that feels really good. Saturday David was so funny cause he looked over at me and said "Help me down please Momma" I about fell over...they really are starting to talk more and more which sometimes freaks me out that they can tell me or ask me for what they want and need. Here is a few pictures of our fun day at Jump Zone! tomorrow it's the park and Gammy's& Poppaw's house!